who we are


SQUAD GOALS is a marketing agency specializing in creative marketing solutions for businesses in the food and drink industry. But, how many times have you heard that? We’re not your average marketing or PR agency. We’re sicker than your average.

We are a marketing agency ran by successful restaurant owners who are innovative marketers by nature and proven industry influencers. SQUAD GOALS partners include Scott Nghiem, most notably known as co-founder and CEO. of the ice cream shop phenomenon, Afters Ice Cream, and founder of Instagram food blog @tryitordiet, and Jed Cartojano, restaurant marketing expert, co-owner and CMO. of the viral dessert shop, The Loop: Handcrafted Churros, and founder of one of Instagram’s most followed independent food blogs, @dailyfoodfeed. Together, Scott and Jed created SQUAD GOALS to offer their marketing experience and expertise to businesses in the food and drink industry while applying effective marketing strategies and trade secrets used to create success within their own businesses.